Welcome in MV

Welcome to Germany.
Welcome to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern!

You have left your homeland and have a long journey behind you. Now you have arrived here, and lots of the things around you are new, strange and unfamiliar. In the near future, you will be spending lots of your time dealing with authorities and officialdom, since we need to find out a lot of information from you in order to enable you the best possible reception and integration. If you are allowed to stay in Germany and wish to stay here in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, we will help you to find your place in society. An important part of this is learning our language as quickly as possible. With the web pages on this website www.willkommen-inmv.de, we wish to provide you with an initial guide. It provides you with addresses and contacts you can go to for information and support, as well as the addresses of the public offices you have to visit in your early days here. I hope that the following information is useful for you during your early days here in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and wish you all the best for a great future!

Stefanie Drese Minister for Social Welfare, Equality and Integration in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

What are you looking for?

Social services offices

Language courses

Careers advice

Youths’ immigration services

Migration advice


Foreigners’ office

Clubs and associations

Medical aid

Advice for victims of domestic or sexual violence


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  • Social services offices

    Social services offices: These offer help if you are not able to earn your own living and for the disabled and those in need of care.

  • Language courses

    This is the place for finding courses where you can learn German.

  • Careers advice

    The three migration integration services (IFDM) advise and accompany the migrants over the age of 25 in their professional integration. The IFDM comprise, for instance, cooperation partners of companies, job centres, other public institutions, migrant organisations, migrant advice centres and bodies providing integration courses, education and employment.

  • Youths’ immigration services

    The services offered by the youths’ immigration services (JMD) are aimed at migrants aged between 12 and 27. The JMD offers advice about learning the language, apprenticeships, studying, careers, accommodation, the authorities, your residence in Germany, health and family.

  • Migration advice

    Advice for adults deliberately accompanies the integration process. You will receive support in all matters of your daily life in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, including questions about language courses, getting a place in a day-care centre for your child(ren), integration in your social environment and even personal problems.

  • work

    It is the duty of these authorities to show the persons affected the prospects and opportunities of earning their living by their own means in future. They are also responsible for supporting people in their integration into the labour market, such as by providing them with information, advice, assistance, and work and training placement. For people with a migration background, the Job Centres also offer advice on language qualifications and help in having their professional qualifications recognised.

  • Foreigners’ office

    Foreigners’ offices are responsible for issuing residence permits. They are also responsible for issuing replacement passport papers, exceptional leaves to remain and for checking the conditions for family reunification.

  • Clubs and associations

    Here, you can find contacts to organisations which champion the issues of migrants.

  • Medical aid

    Here, you can find places which can help you in the event of medical problems.

  • Advice for victims of domestic or sexual violence

    Counselling centres for victims of domestic and sexual violence are open to anyone who has experienced physical or mental abuse. They advise, accompany and support the victims, help them with the psychological addressing of their situation and help them to plan their further concept of life and the initiation and support of the first steps.

  • Pregnancy

    They provide women with information on all questions before, during and after pregnancy.

  • said mediation